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Interview May 4, 2020

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Video PSA for Ukraine Effort
Bedford Cares PSA for Ukrainian Drive

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NH Primary Source: Bedford town councilor organizes effort to help residents during crisis
March 26, 2020

Bedford Town Council Vice Chair Denise Ricciardi has launched an organization to help residents in need during the coronavirus outbreak.

Bedford Cares has been delivering food and supplies to elderly residents who are sheltering in place and arranged to have hand sanitizer from the Flag Hill Distillery in Lee delivered to the Bedford delivered to local first responders.

“During times like these, it is imperative that we come together as community and help our neighbors in need, that’s why I started this group called Bedford Cares,” said Ricciardi, who, we understand, is being recruited by supporters to run for the state Senate.

“I’m a fixer by nature and I wanted to do something to help those in in our community in need, and I also wanted to give people an outlet that want to be helpful, and help their neighbors in a safe way, but just didn’t know how.”

She said she worked with Bedford Police to identify important challenges facing the town.

“Those challenges include delivering food and medicine to those that are unable to leave their homes, acquiring hand sanitizer for Bedford first responders and making sure our food pantry remains stocked.”

Ricciardi said so far Bedford Cares (603-792-1319) has nearly 100 volunteers.