Bedford Cares has decided to take up donations to help the 3M+ Ukrainian refugees, many of whom have fled to Poland. The 3M number may not even be accurate at this time, since the number is growing daily. For facts about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, see their official website.

Below is a list of supplies that can either be dropped off at 29 Magazine St or at one of the schools. All of these items will be transported to the Ukrainian Church which will see that they get to the refugees.

The Bedford schools will run their donation drive for 2 weeks. They will start on 3/14 and end on 3/25. Each school will have a box in their respective lobbies for collection.


  • sheets and blankets
  • blow-up mattresses
  • containers for water, fuel
  • first aid kits
  • generators
  • non-perishable food items such as peanut butter,
    granola bars, protein bars, dried fruit, nuts,
    canned meats/fish with pull-top lids, candy
  • camping equipment such as sleeping bags, ground pads, blankets, tents, hammocks, flashlights with extra batteries, emergency candles
  • batteries in original packages for above devices
  • tents
  • thermal underwear, underwear, socks
  • zipock bags
  • medical supplies [PDF]
  • more specific medical needs [PDF]


  • diapers
  • basic hygiene supplies
  • small toys
  • games/electronics for youth/teenagers
  • new clothes: all sizes/genders
  • new sneakers/hiking shoes/boots

If you would prefer to donate money, you can use these links which have been checked out for legitimacy by the Bedford Police Department:

1. Ancestors Poland Foundation: Founded in 2018, Ancestors Poland Foundation (Fundacja Polscy Przodkowie) is a nonprofit Polish organization, registered under the number KRS 0000752280. Going to the following will provide a link to donate:

2. American School Warsaw Poland: This is a legitimate organization with which US intelligence personnel have worked. Use this site to donate:

3. Here is a list of verified places to which you can donate: Donations to Ukrainian Relief