According to Hillary Rankins, owner of Bedford’s “Inside Scoop” ice cream shop, the business raised $1,050 to buy supplies for the Ukrainian effort.

She says: “THANK YOU!! ?? Wow! What an insanely successful day we had with our “Cones for Ukraine” event! We ended up making over $800 in donation money, sold 250 Ukraine cones which means that’s ANOTHER $250 towards first aid kits! At the end of the night, a customer asked me how many cones we sold. I told him 250 and he said here’s another $250 for Ukraine. This community is absolutely incredible! We didn’t run out of the blue until 5:00 PM! (That was shocking!)

I will be shopping this weekend for the first aid kits and delivering them to Bedford Cares early next week. THANK YOU TO THE BEST COMMUNITY AROUND ??”